Time:2017/05/13(Sat.) 13:30-16:30

    Place:Cosmos Hotel Taipei (No.43, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao W. Rd., Taipei City)


    13:00-13:30 Registration

    13:30-14:00 Personal Interaction with CEOs

    14:00-14:10 Opening Session

    14:10-14:40 Global Brand A-Team Founding Opening(全球品牌產業聯盟啟動儀式)

    14:40-15:20 Forum- ASEAN Market Strategy and Talent Introduction

    Case:G.G.C. Vietnam Ambassdor Sharing- Minh Thùy

    Case:ASEAN-Indian incubator STARTBOARD Team- Aimazing

    15:20-15:30 Taking group pictures

    15:30-16:30 Interaction time for corporations and ASEAN & Indiastudents /Tea Time

    16:30- End

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    Ernst & YoungDeloitte & ToucheKPMGPwCE.SUN BankEverlight ChemicalCathay Financial HoldingCathay Life Insurance,HRCathay Bank, HRThe committee of Business DevelopmentCathay Century InsuranceLi & Fung GroupLouis International Patent OfficeCosmos HotelWistron ITSChunghwa Post Co.Green OnInstitute for Information IndustryTCITCATWSE

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