2018 G.G.C TOP30 Form

It is a two-day workshop which allows you to learn more about the reality of working in Taiwan.

There will be two workshops held during winter and summer vacations.

We will invite executives from enterprises to share some tips of CV writing skills and Successful Interview Techniques.

Moreover, mentors from enterprises will teach you how to plan a project.

It is not only a time for you to know better about the enterprises and your own career, but a great opportunity to show your ability and leave a nice impression to the executives!

Event agenda:

1.Introduction of the companies

2.tips of CV writing skills and Successful Interview Techniques

3.Career suggestions provided by the mentors

4.Q&A session

Executives from enterprises will be the mentors!

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Which Enterprise Mentors are you interested in the most? (multiple choice)Click here for the list of companies
 陳春山 Chairman in GBMA 蕭佩如會計師 in KPMG 蘇宥人 執行董事 in PWC 陳俊宏 會計師兼南向政策負責人 in Deloitte & Touche 王曉琪 會計師 in Deloitte & Touche 郭怡鷰 副總經理 in E.SUN Bank 程淑芬 投資長 in Cathay Financial Holding 張 錫 Chairman in Cathay Securities Trust 朱士廷 董事長 in Cathay Securities Corporation 李忠文 Director in State of Louisiana,U.S.A

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Contact Information: Jay (Project Manager)



Welcome to Join G.G.C. Program!