2018 World Citizens Forum on Smart Sustainability – Searching Big Ideas for Global Impacts

2018 世界公民智慧永續論壇-找尋世界影響力

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Date時間】13:30-15:30, March 30, 2018

Venue地點】Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Main Stage 台北南港展覽館大會主舞台

Event Introduction活動簡介】Aim to connect big ideas from Global Young Talents, co-operation from Enterprises and assistance from Mayors in order to integrate high-technology into the vital services within our communities. At the same time, this is to promote the No.17 of SDGs which Partnership. This is an opportunity to discuss specific research and reflect on how smart cities are developing across our country and the global.

【Agenda 議程

WCF Agenda 0316-final

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