GGC Ambassador Theme Nights series

This event is part of the GGC project organized by GBMA.

About GGC project

The GGC project (Global young leaders for Global markets and CSR) is initiated by GBMA with an aim to cultivate ASEAN and Indian student in Taiwan.

GBMA teamed up with 14 companies in Taiwan, including the big four accounting firms and E-SUN FHC, together with 11 top-tier universities in Taiwan to bridge the gap between industry and academia.

For ASEAN and Indian students, this project is a great way to build up their interpersonal network and to get internship or full-time job.

For companies, this project would be the driver for advancing into ASEAN market with our massive talent database of ASEAN and Indian students in Taiwan.

For more information please visit:

Official webpage for GGC Project

GBMA official site 

Taiwan’s Night—Local to Global

It’s time to get all of us TOGETHER!!

Now GGC, AIESEC NCCU and CLBC are going to host ASEAN & India theme night party every month.

Each country in ASEAN will have its own theme night discussing topics covering life, economics, tourism, career, culture, politics, public issues, etc.

The first night of the series is Taiwan’s night – Local to Global.

We invited lecturers to talk about how Taiwan could become global in terms of tourism, economics, and career.

  • Topic 1: Welcome to Taiwan – You will love it

    Lecturer: Joe – Director of Uinn Travel Hotel

  • Topic 2: The power of Community – Revolution in Traditional Industries

    Lecturer: Daniel – Co-founder of RTM (Redefine Tourism Mixer)

  • Topic 3: The New Market Expansion – Utilize What We Learn

    Lecturer: Sherry – Co-founder and CEO of Türk Kızları

The event will be FREE for students!

Welcome to join us. Come to know Taiwan more and to build up your network!


Time: 4/29  19:00-21:00

Avenue: CLBC Soapbox­

B2, No.569 Mingshui Road, Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City, TAIWAN

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