The GGC press conference “A new era of ASEAN-Indian entrepreneurship in Taiwan” was held in Taipei 101 on September 21st, 2017. We are glad to tell you that we have founded a project, STARTBOARD, to help ASEAN-Indian students start their business in Taiwan. STARTBOARD partners with some companies to provide ASEAN-Indian students with the service they need while building up their business in Taiwan, such as professional legal consolation.

GGC has partnered with Taiwan Stock Exchange, entrepreneurs, universities, and legislators for three years. We aim at bringing up ASEAN-Indian students in Taiwan to global market. We held regular conferences in different universities and now we have helped many global young leaders to intern or work in enterprises. With the cooperation between ASEAN-Indian students and entrepreneurs, we hope that we can find a solution that satisfies both parties.

By the way, we are going to hold our campus roadshows in recent months. There are also some sub-projects going on at the same time. Don’t forget to follow us to get more information!

Picture of the participants! Thank you all for coming to support GGC x STARTBOARD!

The chairman of GBMA, Professor Chen, shared his experience and expectation in the beginning of the press conference.

The legislator, Wan-Ru Yu, provided her valuable advice and shared her experience.

The chairman of Taiwan Stock Exchange, Chi-Sian Li, talked about his perspective on the industry and the project.

Our honored guests announced that the 2018 GGC x STARDBOARD officially starts now!

Participants of GGC x STARDBOARD press conference “A new era of ASEAN-Indian entrepreneurship in Taiwan”.