【2018 World Citizen Forum Ended with A Great Success】

The World Citizen Forum ended with a big success on March 30, 2018! Thanks for all the support. It is our honor to invite Ambassador Dr. Eugene Chien, the chairman of TAISE who has cooperated with us and helped hold the Round Table Event. It is because of the Round Table Event, we can see [...]

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2018 Searching Big Ideas for Global Impacts – Looking for the Next TESLA CEO, Elon Musk

Have you ever heard about real-life Iron Man suit? Do you know who is Elon Musk? What do you think on the idea of “Flying From New York to Shanghai in 39 Minutes”? Do you know that we might able to travel in Outer Space (YESSSS, SPACE!!) by Space Shuttle? Hey hey…IT’S NOT A DREAM [...]

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2018 GGC x STARTBOARD Officially Starts Now

The GGC press conference “A new era of ASEAN-Indian entrepreneurship in Taiwan” was held in Taipei 101 on September 21st, 2017. We are glad to tell you that we have founded a project, STARTBOARD, to help ASEAN-Indian students start their business in Taiwan. STARTBOARD partners with some companies to provide ASEAN-Indian students with the service [...]

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【GGC 2016 SUMMER 校園說明會】-師範大學

時間:2016/12/19 地點:國立臺灣師範大學 主辦單位:全球品牌管理協會 協辦單位:國立台灣師範大學 Thank you all for attending G.G.C. Campus Roadshow in National Taiwan Normal University. All our campus roadshows in 2016 have finished by the end of this year, but at the same time, we’d like to invite you to 2017 G.G.C. Campus Roadshows which will be hold in March, 2017. [...]

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全球品牌管理協會在玉山金控、四大會計事務所等企業夥伴支持下,於2014年九月正式成立。希望能以瑞士為鏡,矽谷為師,協助台灣產業品牌化、品牌全球化。我們認為,台灣應在各領域組成A-Team,透過跨域整合,將台灣產業實力整廠輸出,成為提供Total Solution的整合者。 […]

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【GGC Ambassador corporate tour】—Leopard Mobile

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【GGC 2016 SUMMER 校園說明會】-輔仁大學

時間: 2016/4/20 12:00 地點: 輔仁大學 主辦單位: 全球品牌管理協會 合辦單位: 輔仁大學

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【GGC 2016 SUMMER 校園說明會】-國立台灣大學

時間: 2016/3/30 12:00 地點: 國立台灣大學 主辦單位: 全球品牌管理協會 合辦單位: 國立台灣大學

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【GGC 2016 SUMMER 校園說明會】-國立成功大學

時間: 2016/3/29 12:00 地點: 國立成功大學 主辦單位: 全球品牌管理協會 合辦單位: 國立成功大學

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【GGC 2016 SUMMER 校園說明會】-國立清華大學

時間: 2016/3/28 12:00 地點: 國立清華大學 主辦單位: 全球品牌管理協會 合辦單位: 國立清華大學

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