2017 GGC Enterprise Mentors Form

    Event agenda:

    1.Introduction of the company

    2.Applicants’ self introductions

    3.Suggestions provided by the mentor


    Companies will designate executives to instruct applicants in positions!

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    陳春山 Chairman in GBMA蕭佩如會計師 in KPMG蘇宥人 執行董事 in PWC陳俊宏 會計師兼南向政策負責人 in Deloitte & Touche王曉琪 會計師 in Deloitte & Touche郭怡鷰 副總經理 in E.SUN Bank程淑芬 投資長 in Cathay Financial Holding張 錫 Chairman in Cathay Securities Trust朱士廷 董事長 in Cathay Securities Corporation李忠文 Director in State of Louisiana,U.S.A

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